El 12 de Julio de 2018, me llegó esto: “My students wrote a story about you, following the style of “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls”. This is one example of their writings. – Profesora Rosita”

Renata y Sofía, escribieron esto:

Once upon a time there was a girl who really liked technology, she grew up and she started college. After a few years, she had a son, whose birth gave her a lot of trouble and difficulties, even so, she was able to pull it off by working and studying her career at the same time.
Because of her love for technology, she created an app for smartphones. This app was useful for catastrophes such as earthquakes, which are very likely in her country, Chile, her birth country, which rejected her project many times, not giving her the opportunity that she deserved.
Ironically, afterwards, she was awarded by the MIT, one of the most relevant technology institutes in the world. They said her project was innovative, because you could user her app without mobile network or internet, just using radio waves.
Even though she had a rough time trying to achieve her dream, she succeeded, and nowadays she is recognized all over the world.

Releer regalos como estos me permiten seguir soñando y buscando más oportunidades para todos! Necesitamos visibilizar a más mujeres en el mundo de las STEAM, para que niñas como Sofía y Renata, nunca pierdan las esperanzas, porque #LasNiñasPueden

Un abrazo, me llenan de energía!

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